Relationships and Their Challenges

All relationships face difficulties. Sometimes we are able to resolve our issues with hard work and other times our problems may resolve over time. If you've had troubles in the past and have managed to resolve these - that is fantastic! However, if you have tried to problem solve and your attempts have been unsuccessful - couples or marriage counselling might be the way forward. Often, we get stuck in patterns of communication, behaviour and interactions in our relationship, and a couple’s counsellor can assist you in recognising these patterns, getting unstuck, and moving forward. The step towards booking in for an appointment may seem large - it involves admitting that things are not going well. This can be a scary and painful process. To make this step easier for you, we are happy to speak to you on the phone before booking an appointment. This way you can ask questions and determine whether our clinic is a good match for you. Our couple’s counsellors give couples a safe, non-judgemental and supportive space to explore difficulties and work towards a better relationship - one where both partners feel heard, understood and where they are working as a team towards a satisfying future. 

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