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To book an appointment with a Brisbane psychologist at Child and Family Psychology you do not need a doctor's referral.


If you do come with a doctor's referral (including a Mental Health Care Plan) you will be eligible for the Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions a year. The Medicare rebate is $84.40 per appointment and higher if your psychologist is a Clinical Psychologist. This rebate usually can be processed at the completion of your appointment using your Medicare card. To find out more about Medicare rebates go to

Alternatively, private health insurance rebates may apply, please check your provider policy for eligibility and amounts. 

There is concession rates available on request for those in financial hardship. Please discuss this in your first session.


Appointments with a psychologist are for 50 minutes and charged range from $170 for individuals, $185 for couples and children unless other arrangements have been made for hardship or other reasons. Clinical psychologists may charge more, though rebates are also higher so your out of pocket expense may be the same. Please check when you are booking.

Initial appointments require a deposit of $100 to secure the time slot. 


Initial appointments with a child psychologist is for 80-90 minutes and this includes time allocated to filling in client details and other relevant questionnaires or providing details of your referral pathway. The cost of the initial appointment for couples, adults and children is from $235, unless otherwise arranged. 

The Child Psychologist provides professional assessments of child, adolescent and family concerns. 

Please bring your documentation from previous relevant professionals. For children this includes teacher reports and developmental records or reports from other professionals.

Parents will often attend this appointment without their child if he/she is under the age of 6 years old. For children where appropriate and possible, both parents should attend. During the initial session the psychologist often meets with the child and parents separately  if the child is comfortable with this.


COGNITIVE ASSESSMENTS: Pauline Ogilvy provides these for children and teenagers. It involves an initial 90 minute interview, subsequent approximately 90 minute assessment and a 60 minute feedback session with a report. The total cost for this including, collating, scoring, interpreting and report writing ranges from $890-$980.00 depending on the duration of the assessment and complexity. The assessment used is the i-Pad version of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-5).



Simply call Brisbane psychologists at PH 3348 9930  Mob 0401 741 170 or BOOK ONLINE with the HealthKit link or email to book an appointment. You can also complete your details below to prompt an appointment request. Phone messages are usually returned within two working days.


 To book with Pauline Ogilvy click on the healthkit link and follow the prompts


 To book with Janece Famularo click on the healthkit link and follow the prompts


 To book with Marthe van Iwaarden click on the healthkit link and follow the prompts

                                  To book an appointment with Dr Belinda Barnes, please call or text 0425 069 325

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