Meet our Team

Pauline Ogilvy - Adults, Children, Parents & Caregivers

PG Dip.Ed.Psych, M. Ed, B.A, Dip Tchg

Developmental and Education psychologist

Pauline Ogilvy is a Brisbane psychologist who provides information and ideas on how to manage an active family in today’s busy world. Pauline is married and has three children of her own, giving her a first-hand appreciation of the challenges and issues that parents confront. Brisbane Psychologist Pauline, takes a pragmatic yet gentle approach to supporting her clients with the varied concerns they may bring to the session. She is fluid in her approach ready to change tack when necessary as changes may occur or priorities change.  Authenticity and relevance are principals she holds dear.


Pauline has provided support to clients for over 20 years. Pauline is an accredited Triple P practitioner and has run many parenting courses and seminars on parenting through separation.  Prior to becoming a psychologist Pauline was a primary school teacher.


Psychologist Pauline Ogilvy has experience with concerns such as couple/relationship difficulties, children’s sleeping problems, tantrums, stealing, adjusting to parental separation, school/learning difficulties, cognitive assessments, adult or child anxiety, depression and risky teenager behavior, to name just a few. 

Pauline also works in school assisting teachers, parents, and children, where invited.

Larissa Watter

BA Counselling

Larissa Watter is a counsellor eager to understand an individual’s journey and walk along-side them through their concerns.

Larissa entered this field because she has a passion for people,  supporting their wellbeing to live wholesome, healthy, happy lives. She engages with a compassionate, authentic, genuine approach to support her clients with a range of concerns that they may bring to the session. Larissa values the principals of autonomy and non-maleficence and has them forefront in her practice.


Over the years Larissa has provided support to children, adolescents and families. Larissa is an accredited Counsellor and has completed a Bachelor of Counselling Degree and is furthering her studies in completing a certificate in Play Therapy.


Larissa has supported concerns such as; child and adolescent anxiety, adjusting to parental separation, school and learning difficulties, teenage behavior concerns, relationships with friends, family’s and couples.


Overall, any everyday challenge that you may face, Larissa is willing to walk alongside your journey with non-judgmental compassion and understanding.

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B.Sc, B.Ed, Masters in Ed, Psychology Honours, soon Provisional Psychologist

“To become a butterfly, you must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar”  - Winnie the Pooh. 


Sherry Bell is a provisional psychologist working toward achieving her general registration. Her approach is client-centered, and she adopts an individualized strength-based approach focusing on creating a collaborative and supportive environment. 


Prior to working in the psychology field, Sherry had over 15 years experience as an educator working in a variety of positions including Advisory Visiting Teacher Behavior Management, Head of Department in both Primary and Junior Secondary schools and Deputy Principal. As an educator, my focus in working with children and their families was to provide supportive, holistic and individualized intervention. Sherry utilizes a holistic approach in providing strategies and support to enable each individual to engage in the world around them. 


Sherry is passionate about supporting carers and families in grief and loss, pre-death grief and caring for carers across the lifespan.  


She has extensive experience supporting families and children with behavioral problems, school refusal, anxiety, resilience, behavior support for parents, social and friendship issues, learning difficulties, goal setting, and transitioning between year levels, and change of school. 


Sherry has previously worked with children in equine therapy and is working on training her Golden Retriever puppy "Mr Bently" in animal assisted therapy in the near future. 


When Sherry isn't in the office, you can find her spending time with my boys, training my dogs Bentley and Louis and spending time at the beach 4Wding, kayaking and paddle boarding.