ADHD /auditory processing/ learning difficulties, which is it?

Teasing out the symptoms of each among the well meaning advice and recommendation from family, friends, teachers and professionals can be a challenge. It requires an in depth understanding of these challenges and an understanding of the impact of these. Often children with these difficulties also develop secondary issues e.g anxiety, learned helplessness, self esteem issue to name just a few.

Understanding and addressing the core is helpful so teasing the primary from the secondary issues is important.   Intervening with all the issues that present them selves and when, or in what order can be the next quandary parents face.  Which should we address first? Can we do this all at once..probably not. What will give us the biggest bang for our limited dollars. Thousands of dollars can be easily spent on various interventions of varying benefit and credibility. Many families have other children and their schedules to consider as well as the child's own schedule, space and  energy to benefit from the  interventions. Seek out professional support with an experienced developmental and educational psychologist. They are trained in this to support you through the journey.