Online learning and success

How to Excel in the Home Classroom


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused profound disruptions to the way students engage with their education across the globe. As governments temporarily close, educational institutions or institutions turn to online learning as a means to contain the spread of the virus. However, this transition from face-to-face learning has posed several challenges for students, including technological issues, difficulties with new assessment modalities, access to supervision and feedback, and increased isolation, frustration, and pressure. Despite this, there are some things students can do to aid them to have a better experience when engaging with online learning and achieve the results they are seeking. 


One key thing students can do to aid them in this new learning environment is to establish a routine and treat online study like in-person classes. Without the regular meetings of in-person classes, it is easy to fall into bad habits and get behind on your work. Therefore it is essential to maintain a similar routine as going to in-person classes, including showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast and even time to “get to class”. Furthermore, attempt to form a virtual study over video conferencing and seek to make this a regular weekly meet up at the same time each week. These groups provide a way to review your work with your peers while keeping you accountable. They also provide vital social support considering the demands of study. Finally, ensure to seek help if you are falling behind. When you aren’t physically in the classroom, it can be harder to ask for help often due to feelings that you are the only one struggling. However, this often isn’t the case; your instructors and teachers are there to help and support you, be sure to reach out to them if you are concerned.


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