Lets talk TikTok and Mental Health

TikTok is such a super popular platform to consume online content. The apps design makes it easy to sit for hours watching short videos. While you do so the apps algorithm customises its output of content to what you have interacted with. Now this may be fine if watching funny animal videos, however potentially less so when messages and videos that resonate with you when you have been feeling sad or anxious. Perhaps you've even found dedicated channels on this. Therefore note, both parents and young adults should be aware that TikTok:

1. May provide an easy and accessible way to mental health education while also validating a young person’s experiences.

2. May provide a sense of community and belonging and aids young people to recognise that they are not struggling alone.

3. May show content that is often inaccurate, not science based and may exacerbate symptoms with videos consisting of individuals personal experiences of mental health related issues and treatment rather than professional advice

4. May mean you are only interacting with content that agrees with your views or feelings, providing no balance nor challenge when sometimes this may be just what is necessary for your wellbeing due to algorithms.

5. Is not sufficient for a mental health related diagnosis despite identifying with symptoms presented in TikTok videos.

If anything surrounding mental health concerns you, book in an appointment with a professional. Look on the TEAMs page for each of our clinician's profiles